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We are executive-level independent consultants with advanced degrees and 15+ years of professional experience. We are talented, mid-career professionals (mostly MIT graduates and generally moms), looking for more flexible schedules and wanting to put our degrees and years of experience to work.

Our consultants aren’t just highly educated women with deep expertise in their fields across many industries. We are world travelers. We are mamas. We are philanthropists. We are investors. We are lifelong learners. We are doers. We care about making the world a better place and we’re here to help you make your impact on the world.

Want flexible remote work worthy of your brainpower and experience? Want to stop chasing down projects?

Being a part of FlexTeam means true work/life balance. I’m able to make an impact through using all my experience to tackle interesting business problems… and helping my daughter’s first grade class learn how to be creative in art. It’s been incredibly easy to work with FlexTeam – it’s been really well thought through and is developing a great community of women – always ready to help with advice whether for a project or finding the right toy/app to teach coding.

Catherine P, FlexTeam Member

What I like most is that projects arrive completely scoped out and ready to go. As an independent consultant, you spend a lot of time meeting with potential clients and figuring out exactly what they need before you even agree to work together. It’s a lot of wasted time. The FlexTeam projects are ready to go with all the details fleshed out. And when there’s the inevitable scope creep, they’re the ones dealing with those conversations. It lets me focus on doing what I enjoy doing (i.e.: strategy, financial modeling, presentations) without having to deal with the cumbersome side of client engagements like billing, tracking hours, paperwork, etc. Also, I love the kind of clients and roles that I’m getting. There have been some heavy hitting tech industry clients, cool startups that have gone on to do really well, and positions like interim COO for interesting companies. I wouldn’t be able to bring in such a wide variety of clients and roles on my own.

Leila P, FlexTeam Member

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