Tamra Johnson

Tamra Johnson

I care about the future of work for women and families.

I am a highly experienced and educated mid-career professional and entrepreneur. I am also a mother. Like my peers, I want to be engaged and challenged professionally, and I also want time and flexibility to be with my family.

Unfortunately, I have found that there is often too much talk (books, panels, conferences), and not enough actionable solutions. I also believe the focus should shift from solving just the pipeline problem for women in business, to also include what I perceive to be bigger issues: retention and engagement.

A new paradigm is needed for working women. Traditional corporate structure is outdated. Intelligent, experienced women need more flexibility for work and personal life. Companies would be wise to think longer term, and rethink retention of these women. Women want to keep working, keep their skills up-to-date, and be a part of something outside of their homes.

FlexTeam puts high-level mid-career women to work on their own terms. Additionally, we provide a support network of teammates who want to build this ecosystem together. I am excited to provide opportunities for more of our peers and to reshape what “work” looks like for all of us in the future.

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