Chris Tearpak

Chris Tearpak

I care about women having an opportunity to have a thriving career and family.

Growing up, I experienced my single mother’s struggle to balance raising my three siblings and me, putting herself through college, and taking on the occasional odd-job so that we would have food on the table.

These experiences have shaped my work ethic and gave me an early glimpse into the struggles that women face every day, especially when pressures of raising a family affect professional advancement.

In the years since I was a child, I have seen the inequities on a global scale, and the unique challenges that professional women in technology face. In my 20 years in technology, I have seen too few women, and those few come and go because they face the difficult decision of career or family.

With FlexTeam, I am excited to build a platform that provides other options for working women. They should not have to decide between career and family, and FlexTeam will provide the tools to help them easily stay engaged in the workforce, leverage their unique skills to earn an income, and stay connected with a community of like-minded teammates.

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