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Women are builders — strong businesses, teams, families, and communities. Sadly, there are tradeoffs between these things when there should not have to be.

Over the last decade, many of our MIT alumni friends began leaving the traditional workforce after having kids because they wanted more flexible schedules.

Meanwhile, as we were growing our businesses, we found that hiring these women on their terms gave us a more cost-effective way to make informed decisions and scale quickly. As we shared this with other business leaders, they also wanted to tap into this amazing talent pool. That is how FlexTeam was born.

Now, every week, our team of highly experienced, networked, and intelligent people have over 8,000 hours of time to spend working together in support of our customer’s successes. We are generating a better income for women; a tight knit professional community that is fueling our growth of projects; a growing body of knowledge and technology that helps us scale the value of our time; and a long waiting list of others that want to join.

If you are as inspired as we are, come grow your business with us.

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