Business Plan Development

Business Plan Development

Can you create a business plan to summarize my vision and strategy for my company?

We create a business plan, using interviews with company leadership and existing business documentation. We translate your vision for your company into a document that includes mission/vision, product/service offerings, target market, go-to-market strategy, financials, and team.

Deliverable(s): Report


Creation of business plan outline based on discussions with customer and synthesis of customer-provided data. The goal is to highlight the uniqueness of business, story, key points, growth plan, and team. No design.


Creation of business plan, a professionally stylized and designed 10-15 page deck, based on customer discussions and data. Based on customer-provided financial model, competitive analysis, and market research.


Comprehensive business plan creation, starting with customer discussion and data. Create basic operational financial model, conduct high-level market and competitive research, and create a professionally stylized and designed 10-15 page deck that summarizes the plan and opportunity.

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