Competitor Research

Competitor Research / Competitive Analysis

How does my/this company compare to my competition?

We research current and future competitors, compare key metrics, variables, offering & pricing, and determine where company fits among the competitive set.

Deliverable(s): Report, X-Y competitive graphic, Venn diagram


Written memo, spreadsheet with details. Limited to 10 competitors.



Written memo, spreadsheet with details, designed deck page. Limited to 10 competitors.



Written memo, spreadsheet with details, recommendation on opportunity, designed deck page. Limited to 10 competitors. 

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Related competitive analysis questions we have answered recently:

How much capital has my competition raised and from whom? What was their path to exit/acquisition?

Where do I fit among my competition? What has been the growth path of similar companies? What are the characteristics of my competition – structure, size, number of SKUs, supply chain, financial metrics?

What is the competitive landscape?

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