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Brainpower beyond your time, knowledge, and resource constraints. Tell us your business needs and find out what brainpower without boundaries feels like.

FlexTeam is a trusted network of executive-level women working in teams to enable business leaders to accomplish more.

We are a mission-based micro consulting firm doing on demand business projects, including market research, competitive analysis, financial models/analysis, and business strategy. Our clients are mostly US based companies of all sizes and across all industries and sectors.

What else can FlexTeam do for you?

We can provide Expert answers + Advice (hourly rate). To quickly brain dump your questions on the go, check out our app.
We can fill Interim / Part-Time Roles (monthly rate), such as Chief of staff, Research analyst, Financial analyst, Data analyst, Digital marketer, Designer, Content creator, and more from our network

FlexTeam’s core business is providing Insights & Analysis:

Industry Research
Market Sizing
Market Research
Competitive Analysis
Company Research
Science-Based Research
Customer Insights
Customer Prospecting

Financial Model
Company Budgeting
Pricing Optimization
Valuation Analysis
Due Diligence
Marketing Spend Analysis
Potential Partner Analysis

Marketing Optimization
Customer Value Analysis
Operations Insights
KPI & Dashboard Creation
Predictive Modeling
Cohort & Segmentation

Business Plan Development
Strategic Review & Plan
Marketing Plan
Product Launch
Sales Strategy

Fundraising Deck
Investor Decks
Board Decks

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