How We Work

FlexTeam provides clients with a scope with clear deliverables and pricing, after understanding clients’ needs.

First, clients convey their needs to FlexTeam via email, phone calls, or our mobile app. The scope usually also includes estimates for time and an agreement on when the work product will be delivered to the client.

In parallel with defining the project with the client, our matching algorithm identifies the best FlexTeam member(s) to do the work and we reconfirm their availability (so that we are able to quickly start on the project once the client agrees to the scope). On occasion (when clients have very specific needs), we go out and recruit consultants for projects.

Unlike a marketplace, the client does not select particular consultants, nor are FlexTeam members bidding on projects. (In fact, as a general rule, we don’t share the names or background of our consultants with our clients prior to scope approval.) This allows FlexTeam members (who have all been carefully vetted) to focus on challenging, interesting, and paid work instead of spending time doing business development or writing proposals or bids.

We believe that time is valuable, that it is the most precious resource we have. So our projects help our clients maximize the value of their time, and our processes are aimed at making efficient use of our clients’ time and consultants’ time.

Clients find that working with FlexTeam allows them to focus on higher level tasks that demand their attention, freeing them up to focus on making the right decisions.

Working with us allows you to focus on the bigger picture, accelerating growth and impact.

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