Strategic Analyst

What questions can we answer for you? Here are some examples:

  • What are opportunities in our adjacent industries?
  • Where should we expand next geographically? Who would be good acquisition targets in those areas?
  • Should we raise additional funding (or our first outside funding)?
  • Should we develop new product/service? What best compliments our current offering?
  • What would it mean to have a coop structure for our business?
  • What facilities/capital/resources do we need to acquire to meet forecasted demands?
  • What business model alternatives should we consider? How would we go about modifying our business?
  • How do we scale and grow our business to hit specific targets?
  • What companies could be a good fit for us for acquisition or partnership?
  • Can you help us analyze our potential revenue streams to figure out our business plan?
  • Is this acquisition a good idea?
  • Should I partner with this brand/company, and if so, what structure should it take?
  • Is this partner a good fit for us?
  • Should we make an investment into this early stage company?
  • How should I standardize reporting and budgeting across all organizations?
  • Who should we target as investors?
  • Who should we look to acquire?
  • How viable is this business we are considering acquiring? Competitive position, review of business model, how to position their offering.
  • Taking into consideration the costs and potential sales, what target market should we develop our new product for?
  • What retailers should we contact to sell our new product line and what are their terms?
  • What are the trends in this nascent industry we are considering entering?
  • Can you provide a market landscape assessment for an investment we are considering?
  • What are the unmet needs in the industry, that have potential for a large market size?
  • What internal best practices and operations do we need to put in place, now that we’ve grown to a 50+ person organization where everything can’t just be managed directly?
  • What marketing channels should we use for our new product line?
  • What is the size of the market for our service offering, both tops down and bottoms up?
  • What do we need to do to to optimize SEO on our website?
  • What do potential clients think about an offering we will be rolling out in a few months?
  • What should be our business development approach for this newly acquired company/product/brand?

What products can we create for you? Here are some examples:

  • Report with recommendation/conclusion
  • Presentation Deck
  • 3 year financial model, with clear assumptions & cash needs/position

We are a mission-based micro consulting firm doing on demand business projects, including market research, competitive analysis, financial models/analysis, and business strategy. Our clients are mostly US based companies of all sizes and across all industries and sectors.