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What questions can we answer for you? Here are some examples:

  • How big is the potential market for my startup or new product/service?
  • What is my total addressable market for my startup or new product/service?
  • Who is my competitor set, and how do they compare to my offering (features, pricing, customer set)?
  • Who is funding my competitor set?
  • Where is this industry headed (technology, trends, specific interesting companies, who funding, where is there opportunity)?
  • Help with due diligence on this potential investment (specific company)
  • What are the best practices/standards in XX (HR, operations, tech to use internally)
  • Where should we expand next geographically? Who would be good acquisition targets in those areas?
  • Is this partner a good fit for us?
  • What are trends in service/usage in our industry? What should we do to capitalize on them?
  • Could you help me find and vet potential manufacturers for my new product?

What products can we create for you? Here are some examples:

  • Quick hit research report with recommendation/conclusion
  • Market research/assessment report
  • Market size report
  • Total addressable market report and slide
  • Competitor research report
  • Competitor assessment slide (x-y axis graphic)
  • Industry research/analysis

We are a mission-based micro consulting firm doing on demand business projects, including market research, competitive analysis, financial models/analysis, and business strategy. Our clients are mostly US based companies of all sizes and across all industries and sectors.

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