About Liquid

Our mission is to create 1 million micro-entrepreneurs by 2030.

Everyone deserves the choice and confidence to work for themselves. We are here to provide all the tools necessary to make that happen.

The Why

We believe that everyone should have more choice in the way they work. In the current corporate structure, there are only two real choices – full-time or out. Unfortunately, this does not work for many seeking a more complex work-life (example: moms), and often, many of these qualified workers are relegated to the sidelines. It does not have to be this way. 

We believe that by providing the right tools, education, and network, everyone who wants to can become their own boss and create a work-life fit that is optimized for their time, skills, and desires. With Liquid, we hope to take away the complexity for everyone who desires to establish themselves as micro-entrepreneurs. 

We’re starting by providing companies tools to make it easier to hire and work with these micro-entrepreneurs / Liquid Workforce so that there are more and more opportunities to work in a different way. #newplayingfield

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