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Market Research

Deck or written report that includes:

  • Market definition

  • Market trends (e.g. growth, consolidation, penetration)

  • Competitive landscape

  • Opportunity assessment

  • Specific questions unique to the area

  • Key insights

  • Identifying concrete whitespaces in the market and for the consumer/client


Competitive Analysis

Deck or written report that includes: 

  • Definition of market

  • Key competitors

  • Comparison of offerings - technical/product details, pricing, customer segments, messaging, etc.

  • Any other specific questions the client would like answered


Business Strategy

Written report that includes:

  • Understanding of specific business needs or questions that need to be addressed

  • Analysis of current operations, decisions, business data/information based on client meetings

  • Recommendations and an overall strategy to address the business needs


Financial Model

Spreadsheet model that includes: 

  • Summary of revenue, expense, net, and cash needs

  • Key assumptions and drivers clearly indicated as variables to model various scenarios

  • All forms of revenue, broken out by type

  • All expenses, allocated to revenue sources as appropriate and separated by one-time costs, recurring, and overhead

  • Detail on the cash required, with investment periods identified

  • Five year model, with monthly numbers and annual summary for first three years


High-end team

Executive-level team (mostly MIT alumni women) with advanced degrees and 10+ years of professional experience.

Quality deliverables

Elite team produces useful, quality results faster.

On demand

Pay per project as needed. No long term commitments.

Why FlexTeam

Learn what FlexTeam is and how you can benefit from working with high level qualified resources 

Our Clients Says...

Being a part of FlexTeam means true work/life balance. I’m able to make an impact through using all my experience to tackle interesting business problems… and helping my daughter’s first grade class learn how to be creative in art. It’s been incredibly easy to work with FlexTeam – it’s been really well thought through and is developing a great community of women – always ready to help with advice whether for a project or finding the right toy/app to teach coding.

Catherine P

FlexTeam Member

Our elite team of experts is the faster and better way to get your strategy and research projects done.

Hire the best.
As needed.

1 - You tell us your needs.
2 - We send you a project proposal.
3 - The best team is assembled.
4 - You approve.
5 - We deliver. You pay.

How We Work


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FlexTeam has been a trusted partner for us to meet the needs of our own clients. The strong business and analytic backgrounds of the team mean we get really high quality work on an on-demand basis, and we are confident any time we are able to refer business to them.

Caroline Hale

Senior Director of Venture Platform, First Republic Bank

The caliber of the FlexTeam talent is really impressive, and has been a great way for me increase the bandwidth of my company on a project by project basis. The entire process was simple, from initial project scoping through execution, as well as follow-up discussions.

Joe Gerber

CEO, Intelligent Optical Systems

We were hired by a large client to do a marketing study and I was overwhelmed with the work. I needed to extend my team for this project and hiring FlexTeam was a great solution. In their simple process, I let them know what I needed and then they provided me with an experienced marketing expert, who helped me execute my project. Not only did they save me time but the work product was amazing! I would use them again in a heartbeat.

Jaime Mann

Head of Licensing, Brands, Gordon Brothers

I was approached by a potential brand partner, and with short notice needed to both become smart on their business and figure out how we could partner together. In just over a week, FlexTeam conducted an assessment of the other company’s financial position, and also created an overview of the underwear apparel industry, helping me understand where I fit, where the other brand fit, and how a combined company would be positioned. The support, turnaround time, and result were all great!

Fran Dunaway

Co-Founder/CEO, TomboyX

I have worked with FlexTeam on multiple occasions to perform market research for expansion into new cities. It is a simple process - I let them know what I need, and in a short amount of time, the research is done and they act as an extension of my team to line up potential operating partners. We’ve quickly expanded as a result of their work and recommendations. They are able to execute on high-priority business needs efficiently and at very reasonable prices, allowing me to focus on the day-to-day of running my company.

Sean Spector

Founder/CEO, Dropoff

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